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There is no question about this. Modern science lives in the box of causality and disbelief. In the thread about free will I provided an alternative explanation to causality.

Our race began as an output or memory, i.e. as a fully formed man and woman indistinguishable from a 30 year old of today other than they were immortal with perfect genomes. Physics has developed a model of causality that denies this fact and can never accept this fact. Honestly, I wouldn't care except for the fact that basing medical research on a false paradigm has devastating consequences to our medical care. It is impossible or very difficult to repair a genome that you don't believe is damaged. Our genome has been virtually destroyed by a poison. There are some happy to die rather than accept this fact.

The entire non physical, non living, inorganic Universe is nothing to output compared to a human being. We did not began from a single primeval cell cell which itself had to be formed by a series of "impossible" events and then by a series of "impossible" macro mutations, i.e. events, produce a human being. Rather we were outputted as Man and Woman in a manner similar to the inorganic physical Universe worshiped by physics.

Serge, you are one of the more perceptive lay folks I have ever run across. I'm not in awe of physics or science. I'm just as smart as they are. They are no threat to me intellectually at all. Modern science is a house of cards based on a totally false paradigm, i.e. gravity + macro mutation = Life and consciousness.

It won't wash. Many folks like you put their trust in the priesthood of modern physics and science. It is miss placed. You haven't. These ET's are real. You have perceived this fact and are not captured by the "Box". And you "believe".

BTW, I have just received some wonderful pics from the computer graphics firm. I only see one flaw and it is easily fixed. The pics are macros of ET's residence and the massive yard. I can't post them just yet.

BTW, ET eats fat and drinks animal blood for meals exclusively.



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