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Originally Posted by PHC1 View Post
Charles, in this dimension and on this planet I go by the name of PHC1 (Serge) not Joe. But thank you for the compliment and likewise!

That is a very impressive computer generated image garden. Can you elaborate?
Serge, I'm glad I caught your attention. I'm going in for my big test this am and will meet with the doctor soon afterwards. I'm hopeful surgery can be avoided for a long time. We will see.

This is in Maya which is the best and most expensive of its kind. It is so massive that it is requiring several computers to hold the structure. I think you will truly enjoy seeing glimpses of it. I can't show you the thing in toto because I don't own it or control it anymore and it's not quite finished.

But I can assure you that it does exist yet not on our planet. I hope you were not kidding when you expressed a belief in extraterrestrials. ET exist and this geometrically perfect structure in which every dimension is known down to the nano foot is the proof.



p.s. continue to look at these pics. I will post the corrected pic and continue to embellish. As the Project finally finds up the first stage I will inevitably come into possession of more finished frames and as I can post them with comments.