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Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
I didn't see any thing in your posts regarding the type of music you listen too.
That makes a difference, as most pop type music is a studio creation. If you listen to classical music miking techniques become more of an issue.
You will notice that most recordings do not bother to tell the listener how the music was recorded, where it was recorded or what kind of mikes were used.

Many books have been written regarding the art and science of recording, and they can really get into the esoteric weeds. You might pick up the book by Geoff Emerick on recording the Beatles, Here There and Everywhere. Mostly personal anecdotes but some information on how he recorded the Beatles.
Classical music is a whole 'nother thing.

So what kind of music do you listen too?

Gaius Petronius
Hi Gaius ~ I listen to all kinds of music, but, alas, I started listening to the music of the late 60s and did most of my real listening in the 70s. When FM came to the fore, pop music was all the rage, but I was also influenced by both of my parent, so there's definitely some Motown and Country mixed in there.

Once I put on a uniform and went overseas, I began listening to other forms of music, including Indie music, Punk and Krautrock. Although I certainly appreciate some of the classical music I was exposed to at one time or another, I'm certainly a fan of the popular music era: especially the experimental progressive era of the 70s.

Cheers for the post, sir.
Bill in the Hills

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