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I hear you Kal, I was vouching for an USB MCH input back then as it would have made the 861 quite unique to this day.

But times moved on and today I enjoy the UHD722 with ATV4K and I have to say that MCH FLAC through VLC or ripped Bluray MCH concerts through Infuse 6 sounds absolutely awesome with the DSP 8000 SE's and throughout the DSP range which forms my 7.0.

I still absolutely love what a dialed in Trifield does with the quality present in the 861v8. What also has changed since the beginning days of streaming is better hardware and software. I run the Meridian 210 streamer (ROON RAAT) to my 861V8 setup for decoded MQA and then I can apply Trifield, Ambisonics or whatever I'd like.

The addition of Shunyata noise reduction technologies throughout the system have also helped immensely to further deliver that Power and Beauty that DSP8kSE's already possess.

Hifi switch Uptone Etherregen with an external 10MHz OCXO clock makes you further feel the air in the recording venue, absolutely awesome!

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