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Originally Posted by Belancer View Post
I have one for a month, to drive my Sabrina X.
The progression Int replaced my gryphon diablo 300.
It has dead background, higher resolution, more emotional midrange and more extended high. However the bass does not realy “rock” for some kind of music. I need high volume enough to make it come alive.
It looks great anyway
Thanks, that's very helpful. I did go in to my local dealer, but unfortunately the Progression Integrated had an issue and is out for repair. They also recently became a MOON by SimAudio dealer, and I'm investigating the MOON 700i V2 (though they only have separates and the lower end integrateds). I'm going to be upgrading my digital source sometime in the future, and am thinking of either the dCS Bartok, MOON 780D V2, or the Linn Klimax DSM (with Katalyst architecture). If I go the Linn route I might also consider the Linn Klimax Twin amp. I did a quick listen to the Linn combo and was impressed enough that I'm going to borrow the Bartok, DSM and Twin for an in home demo with my Wilson Sasha 2's.
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