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Hey Ivan,

In my quest for better placement, I found that Wizard in my system better supports my digital circuit; Streamer, DAC etc. I am using Symphony Pro on the pre, phono and mono circuit. And for the modem and switch circuit Symphony Pro plus Electra Clears.

All ADD-POWR devices are plugged into the receptacle that feed distribution versus in the distribution itself - I tried it both ways and seemed to like this method better.

Iím coming from what I thought was close to being perfect within my setup to a feeling of shock on how good everything is sounding, it has only gotten better. There is no coloration or distortion, it is simply more harmonic, open and natural. Notes decay beautifully, imaging is focused.

Power cables do make a difference, and I am sure the better the cable, the better the result and Iím using some Transparentís that came with my amps that made a noticeable difference and will eventually replace them probably with Furutech since the receptacles and power cables from the breakers are all Furutech to strengthen the backend loom supporting the Nordost front end.

While I donít think there is any wrong way of using these, I just wanted to bring attention to placement and cables.

I will be adding Sorcerer 1st quarter after the Holidays.

Keep us informed of your findings, I hope to see others get onboard for their benefit.

Best regards,

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