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I do not have Maggie’s… I have auditioned them innumerable times over the last 50 years. I used to be a planar guy. I have come so close, so many times, and never committed. But I do have a ARC REF 6SE, REF 160s, a REF 3 phono stage and a REF CD9se DAC… I definitely recommend the REF 160s. I am sorry to say this, but if that combination doesn’t sound like the best system in every way… swap out the Maggie’s. Although, I doubt this is likely.

Here is the thing… each piece of ARC REF that I put into my system (I had an ARC phono stage for thirty five years, preamp for thirty years)… the synergy was amazing. Step by step everything got more musical.

I mentioned I was a planar guy for close to forty years. I started going to the symphony… and suddenly turned from planar…. And remembered hearing Sonus Faber… which I bought, upgraded, upgraded… then all Audio Research took over… and I am now so completely amazed every day… right now as a matter of fact how incredible my system sounds. I used to be amazed at the detail, imaging, slam…. Now I just get lost in the music. Analog or digital, sound basically the same… music, not a system, not detail or slam. Just an emotional connection with the music.
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