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Originally Posted by piolaxo View Post
Yes, there's so much back-slash around this. To be fair, Verstappen got
a big share of bad luck during the season and when it was not luck, it was
the push over in Silverstone that sent him to the hospital and Hamilton got
a slap in the hand of 10 seconds that he recovered over the course of the race.
Full points vs DNF.

In my view, the only egregious point was that race control should have
allowed all the cars to be unlapped, not just the ones in between
Hamilton and Verstappen, but that wouldn't had time left for a full lap.
Hoping for a finish behind the Safety Car, and win the Championship in
the process, is not hugely laudable.

Safety cars are more or less common in street races so it was no surprise
it happened; Red Bull was banking on it, so that was their only chance.
The fact that Toto begged to avoid a Safety Car in the beginning
(a bit pathetic to be honest) says it all.

I for one am happy that Schumacher's record stays level with Hamilton
and there is a new champion with Verstappen.
This totally mirrors my thoughts and your overview is very well said

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