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Originally Posted by imprezap2 View Post
Not an easy job being racing director at the FIA with the team managers yelling through their headsets constantly, in my view the thinking behind to let them race the last lap is good.

Also understand that Hamilton and Mercedes are dissapointed after dominating the race up to the safetycar (except for the first lap overtake from Max), but compared the bad luck Verstappen had over the whole season (Silverstone, Bakoe and Hungary) his luck had to change somewhere.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the season, hopefully many like this will follow.
Thanks for that. I know there's a lot of caterwauling going around the internet and YouTube that Louis got jobbed, but the fact is sh!t happens in the heat of a race and sometimes lady luck smiles on you and sometimes she smiles on someone else.

It was a terrific season and both drivers perfomed at a phenomenal level.

New car and new rules coming for '22. It'll be interesting to see.
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