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Default MX 3000 update with Mac look

I finally got a chance to do some re-programming on my URC MX3000. I have made a few changes with respect to equipment and needed to make the changes on the remote.

While I was at it, I overhauled the appearance and graphics to give it a more Mcintosh look and feel.

Here are a couple of quick shots of the remote. The first pic is the main page, the user taps the curtains and they open up to reveal 20th Century Fox logo. It then jumps to the 2nd shot – made to look like the knob/dial on the older pre-amps. I had a hard time finding a decent pic of the dial to use as a backdrop. Again , tap the activity and the macros turn everything on and jumps to the page that controls the said device.

The buttons are close , but not perfect. They really should have the function above the button. I am not that talented , though i may try at some point when i am bored.

I added the silver sides to the page, they probably should be wider to reflect a better representation of the Mac look. However, the mx 3000 screen is nearly square and I would lose too much space, plus I don’t think it would look right.

Also added a splash screen showing mac meters ( yes they move - thanks to a gif file) and a “sound provided by” page, a old style BW countdown to the start of the movie with the random letters right after 1 .

This a great remote and certainly worth considering, though the 6000 with the wi-fi is pretty sweet.

I would love to see other custom designs for their remote.
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