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Default Gumby finally arrives!

I now have just over 150 hours of nonstop file burn-in on the Gumby. I used a mix of various sample rate and bit rate files for the burn-in. Along the way, I gave it a listen now and then. However, I also made a few changes to my system while the Gungnir was off getting updated. Ivan gave me a deal on a pair of JL Audio F112 v2ís that I couldnít resist. Then today, a new CR-1 crossover was delivered.

I canít really do a proper review on the Gumby since there were some other, significant changes to my system. But suffice it to say, the aggregate of the Gumby upgrade, the addition of the two F112 subs and in my opinion, the addition of the CR-1 in particular, stepped up my game more than I could have imagined.

I love this hobby and now, I hate my slush fund account balance.

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