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Default Gumby finally arrives!

I was sitting in my office doing the usual work emails this morning as I looked at the fresh blanket of snow from last night. I contemplated going out to clear the driveway of the 1/2Ē, but decided itís warming up enough this week so itíll soon melt on its own. Just as I am contemplating this, the FedEx driver pulls to the end of my driveway and drives off. I was sure he decided to reschedule my delivery because he didnít want to deal with the snow in my driveway. Crap! Maybe I should have cleared it after all! Five minutes later he returns, backs up my drive and walks to my back door with a white box sealed with Schiit packing tape! Itís here! My Gungnir, upgraded to a Gumby has finally arrived!

I carefully unpacked it, placed it in its normal spot and connected it back up. I then fired up my pc and immediately hear familiar Windows sounds even before the new USB drivers were installed. Windows then asks me to restart to complete the installation. I obliged and once restarted, I opened JRiver 23 and played a few familiar songs to test the upgrade.

Although the Gumby is literally still cold from itís ride in the FedEx truck, I immediately noticed positive differences to my Sony HAP-Z1ES, which was standing in for the Gungnir while it was being upgraded. There was a slight harshness I noticed in some songs on the Sony that isnít present on the Gumby. Overall the sound stage seems to have opened up and playing Sinatraís Fly Me To The Moon with my eyes closed, it sounds like Frank is on stage in front of me! On Beckís Heart Is A Drum, I can hear the bass strings clear as a bell.

Although the mids seem a tad bit hollow right now, Schiit must have burned it in for a while and I know itíll only get better as I burn it in. This is some good Schiit!
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