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Karan does have a website (here is the page for the KAM900s);

A nice review of the KAM2000 monoblocks;

Karan amps be it the stereo or monos are among the absolute finest sounding in the world IMHO. Back in the day, the top two SS amps (again IMHO) of all I've heard including alot of famous names, were Edge NL Reference and the big Karans. Karan does not get a lot of press and does not have a huge web presence but anyone lucky enough to lay their hands on one (or a pair of monos) generally keep them for many years. I'm not a specs junkie but if you check out that damping factor of 10,000:1, it is simply off the charts good. The raw power specs mean you have more than enough power to drive any load; couple that with a vice-like grip (high damping factor) and you've got an amp that is tough and possibly impossible to beat.

As you all know, I'm an Esoteric A-02 and Edge NL 12.1 fan; I wish I could have afforded the KAM2000 or KAM900 monos; I would not be thinking about any other amp in the world honestly, not even the Esoteric M1s whose damping factor and power specs are not as impressive as the Karans.

The KAM900s are large amps to say the least though and for some, this may rule them out. The KAM2000s are bigger still and take 2 power cords(!) per mono channel so that complexity may rule them out for many (as it did for me).

The attention to detail, component matching, build quality, etc...are very impressive.

You should hear them first if you have a chance to do so...
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