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Originally Posted by prepress View Post
My intention now is to put the NOS Amperex tubes into the line stage; I'll keep the phono preamp for now. I'm considering strongly getting a pair or two of GL 759s just to have here.

I've been told that a tube pretty much shows itself in about 2530 hours, at least in basic character. I hope to double that before making any big decisions. I think the JJs I'm using now took more than that 2530 to really fill in. I have 3 pairs of them and 2 of the Amperex.
Take your time and enjoy what you learn via the differences. Just make sure there is only one new variable at a time or everything become difficult to sort out. Synergies are crazy good when achieved. But deciding to change ic's before pc's will lead to different choices then when you change the pc's first.
Wonder what the best way to go is. I believe everyone changes their ic's and spkr cables first because this has been done the longest before people used after market power cords
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