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Originally Posted by rlw3 View Post
My 2 cents- break in the tubes for the recommended number of hours then go back to the original tubes then put the new ones back in. Comparing straight out of the box is not accurate. Consider getting some non NOS tubes that have been chryoed to compare what that will do for you. You may be amazed or disgusted-wont know till you try.
My intention now is to put the NOS Amperex tubes into the line stage; I'll keep the phono preamp for now. I'm considering strongly getting a pair or two of GL 759s just to have here.

I've been told that a tube pretty much shows itself in about 2530 hours, at least in basic character. I hope to double that before making any big decisions. I think the JJs I'm using now took more than that 2530 to really fill in. I have 3 pairs of them and 2 of the Amperex.
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