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Originally Posted by crwilli View Post
Based on some fabulous in house listening of an M1SE with Network input (pre MDx), I have purchased an M3 with Network Input. It is ‘planned’ to be a first step as my expectation is I will move to the M21. The simplification the Bricasti products make possible to my front end is mind blowing to me. More to come after it arrives.

Yes, I am giving up spinning SACDs or CDs. Whew! I said it.
Very interesting how your current decision reflects what happened to me.... I came to the same conclusion as you in 2017 when i demoed the M1 . Two weeks after the demo, i purchased the M1SE (no network input was available at the time). Then came the Network Card upgrade and boy... was that a game changer! I completely forgot about any other input including the USB input i had fallen for and moved full-time to the Ethernet-Input. It just sounded so right in every way. Shortly after the Network Card was installed, I purchased a Melco N1ZH Sever. The dedicated Ethernet player port played a big role in matching the Melco with the Bricasti. To my ears the combo is stunning and very hard to beat. The only question left to answer was, what was i going to do with all my cherished CD's? Well... Melco had the answer... Enter the Melco D100 ripper. I burned all my CD's saved them to the Melco server and passed them through the Bricasti via the Ethernet card and i have never been happier. Everything sounds fantastic! Now i'm left wondering how much better can it get? So, even though i am very satisfied at the moment, curiosity and rave reviews have got me reaching for my wallet again.... The new MDx board and a firmware upgrade happen tomorrow and it can't come soon enough.
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