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Looking forward to it. Cannot wait.
Analog Sources: Oppo 203, Oppo 105, DirecTV, AppleTV 4K, Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield
Digital Sources: Aurender W20 via USB and dual XLR, dCS Rossini and Clock
HT Processor: Marantz AV7703
PreAmp: Audio Research Ref 6
Amp: ML 536 (2), Rotel 1552 (3), Rotel 1585
Speakers: Focal Maestro EVO, HTM1D3 Center, 804D2 surrounds, B&W 805D2 in master bedroom
Video: Sony XBR 75x940e 4K HDR
Power: Shunyata Everest, Sigma XC (1), Sigma NR (1), Sigma Analog (2), Alpha HC (2), Alpha Digital (2), Alpha Analog (1), Viper(1), Venom Digital(1)
Cables: Shunyata Anaconda SC, Anaconda IC (2), Shunyata Sigma USB, Shunyata Sigma XLR X 2, Shunyata Sigma Ethernet, Shunyata Clock Alpha X 2, Sigma x 1
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