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I have a Logitech Harmony companion + Hub for the home theater system. I purchased several off-brand IR emitters for my equipment and I have been very happy with it for the last year. I sent the first unit back for a replacement when it stopped maintaining a reliable connection to my wifi network (new one drops Wifi too, so it is probably my AP). This is no longer a problem since I configured the hub to send IR to my Roku instead of using the network. Ironic that old-school IR is still more robust than wifi. The only improvement I desire on the hub would be the addition of Ethernet (possibly POE) since it is more robust than wifi.

I also have two Harmony 350's, one for the living room and one for the bedroom setups. My only dislikes are inability to support macros and that it is not RF (But I knew that and accepted the trade-offs when I purchased them).

Living Room: Focal 807V, Rotel RA-1520, Rotel RDD-1580 (USB), Transparent Musiclink Plus IC, PS Audio PPP, QED Silver Anniversary speaker cable, JRiver MC24, Technics SL-Q300 Turntable with Grado Prestige Green.
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