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Originally Posted by nicoff View Post
The Logitech is one of the easiest to use and easiest to program. But you definitely have to have at some computer knowledge. Maybe a friend can help you set it up. Once it is set up properly, it should just work.
Maybe someone else can chime in with other options.
We also use Logitech. Have had the 650 (best value at about $70), the Harmony 'Companion' (~$100) which uses the RF 'Hub' and now the Elite ($300) which also uses a Hub. The remote to the Hub is RF, Hub to components is IR, but you can add IR extenders to go inside cabinets, etc.

The Elite is worth the money in my opinion. Easy to program using the iPad app or a computer, but the app is better.

Tip: the best thing we did to get this working seamlessly in our media room is give everything ample time (like 8 seconds or more) to turn on before sending more commands. HDMI handshaking, the bane of home theaters these days, was the biggest headache solved by adequate turn-on timing and getting the turn-on sequence right.
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