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My CCQ's are in the house!! They've been here for a few days, and I've really been enjoying what they bring to the table. I'll discuss in more detail a bit later, but my experience with them is quite similar to what I'm reading others write about other Shindo amps - the presence, the incredible detail level that seems to gel the music together rather than break it apart as some other gear can do, the majestic sound of the human voice, the wide open tonality, the stability & control at all volume levels…these are some pretty impressive amps!

Here are a few pictures (taken with my iPhone so not up to Matt's standards!):
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Verity Parsifal Encore-Shindo Corton Charlemagne Q-Shindo Monbrison-Michell Orbe SE Mk.2-Graham 2.2-Ortofon A90-Audience AU24 speaker cables-Shindo Silver interconnect-Wavelength Cosecant (Denominator)-Amarra-Audeze LCD3-Woo Audio WA6SE-Rock & Roll!
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