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Originally Posted by Delija View Post
Dayton or UMIK-1?

BTW, vertical axis scale (SPL) is not good. On your graphs, measurements appear to be more flat than they really are.

To be consistent, REW best practices suggests the vertical axis scale should be 60 dB starting at 45 dB and ending at 105 dB SPL. Smoothing should be 1/6 octave.

Also, it's not bad to provide two sets of graphs/measurements with different horizontal axis - in order to provide more details of bass FR:
1. 15-200 Hz
2. 15-25000 Hz
From everything I can tell, comparing my Dayton EMM-6 and the new UMIK-1 side-by-side , the UMIK-1 mic looks to be made by Dayton; they appear as nearly identical, except for the plug end, as two mics could be. The Dayton mic is a skosh longer at the plug end, I presume, to accomodate an XLR mic cable.

I used 1/3 octave smoothing because that is what Danny Richie uses with his CLIO system.

If I have time today, perhaps I'll go back and replot the data. This isn't a PhD thesis; I just wanted to tweak the REL's setting to better match the Harbeths as it was originally set for my big Dyns.
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