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Originally Posted by AMammal View Post
Thanks everyone for the encouraging replies!

I'll tell you what, I understand your love for them! The first day I got this thing home, I kept staring at it and enjoying tuning in station after station. It is the most interactive piece of equipment in our system, and it sounds phenomenal.

Thanks, I believe it! We are really enjoying it. I'm a technician HAM, KC8HCF, hoping to test for General & Extra this year! I also am thinking I may build some antennas to try out on the TU-9900. Any tips or proven stealth or attic antennas? We have a new to us house and I haven't had a chance to put a bunch of antennas in the attic yet, but I have plans to run some coax for external and attic antennas. I'm using the EZ-HD TV antenna mounted outside on the old satellite mount running to my patch panel in the basement. It's on the old cable amplifier from the previous owners so it can be distributed to any room to watch Broadcast TV (or in this case listen to the radio) & it is doing pretty well for the time being.

We are very, very happy with it. It sure has a lot of appeal. I'm so excited to have this 40+ year old piece of equipment in our main system. It has gotten a LOT of use in the past 4 days!

My wife was weary about the price, and I was planning on paying a significant amount of the cost out of my personal fun account as a result, but after seeing and experiencing it she agreed it could be a joint expense. That's quite an endorsement!

It is my favorite piece in our living room system and it looks phenomenal. It is pulling in quite a few stations we could not get with the little Crosley radio (no surprise there) and we even brought in a WY station despite the yagi antenna pointing SW in the Denver Metro area. It is almost a shame it is inside of a vented cabinet as I love staring at the thing, almost as much as listening to it and flipping the switches and turning the knob. I remember reading that some people stated it could be noisy but turning on the attenuation and noise filter rectifies this to the point I don't see any problem at all. (It's running with the Klipsch Forte III's which are pretty sensitive, and it sounds fantastic.)

I've read the manual and need to read the service manual as the frequency indicator is off a bit, but it looks like there are provisions for that inside.

That TU-717 looks very similar, I'm sure it sounds phenomenal as well! You should find a place for it for sure.

Cheers all, we're thrilled with it and so happy to join the ranks of those with tuners in their systems! Huzzah!


You asked about antennas. If most of the stations you listen to are coming from the same direction, Id recommend a small 4 to 6 element yagi in the attic or better on the roof. I use a 6 element on the roof at our Wisconsin home and easily get the twin cities stations- were 60 to 80 miles away. Most FM stations are circularly polarized so the antenna can be oriented vertically or horizontally.

Happy listening!

BTW we live full time in Salida.
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