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Originally Posted by Formerly YB-2 View Post
I've got about 300 early CDs that I no longer play. They are just too badly recorded and trying to tweak my system to make them playable would be a waste as each one needs its own 'tweaks'. If it is worth having I replace it with a modern recording that has been done well. Or, get the vinyl.
Three hundred? Wow. I'm afraid to ask how many CDs you have overall!

One of the issues, to me, is that different components have different sounds. My Pioneer BDP-09FD blu-ray player sounds absolutely beautiful; it uses Wolfson DACs. My MCD500 uses ESS Sabre DACs, and that's the difference; I'm not that big a fan of ESS chips, because I've found them to have a less rich sound in my setup. A tube swap would be to help the MCD500 with those bright CDs. The JJs mentioned earlier are already in house and I used them for over a year with pleasure, until the curiosity bug bit me and I started messing with other tubes. Another option is to turn down the treble just enough to remove some of the edge when playing trouble CDs.

Still, you have a point. This shouldn't be allowed to turn into a massive distraction. There are enough distractions in my life already.
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