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Originally Posted by bds View Post
Hello Ken,

in place to change my speaker Sasha2 with the Magico S1mk2 or better S5mk2 (now make no sesne invest money wih the S3 "mk1"....)

I can go with the Soulution.

I am in Switzerland and I have contact with Soulution.
upgrade preampli 720 to 725 is perhaps the first step. after the ampli from 710 to 711.
or you think will be better before the ampli from 710 to 711?

My Sasha2 are right now with Pass very controlled in LF too. Sure Soulution sound different. I know, Soulution is really fast.....

what for speaker speaker you use with the 501-520?


Soulution and Magico are a great match, some real synergy there. I had Raidho D-3 with Soulution 520 & 501 and again great synergy. The 501's high damping factor really controlled the D-3's bass.

You may want to try Soulution 720 & 710 with Magico first before you upgrade them. It may sound just right. But since you owned Pass Labs, you may want more warmth which the upgrade would give you. The amp upgrade should warm the sound more than the preamp upgrade, so I would do that first.

You can read this TAS review for further details:


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