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I'm officially an M&K Addict - although I just sold off a pair of Bookshelf 75 speakers.
The brand got pigeon holed as a "home theater" speaker but that's far from their true strength. They image so well it's scary. They're a great MUSIC speaker and work very well as a mixing monitor if you have space for them on the console bridge. ( or have tall stands or wall mounts). I'm currently using a set of S-150THX in one of my systems. the full list of models I own are:

(2) S-5000THX - pending refurbishing. they need grill cloth and the foam appliques on the front baffles.
(2) S-150THX currently in use.
(3) S-85 stored,
(2) SS-150THX Tripole Surrounds - patiently waiting to be put back into a home theater system .
(5) S-100b ( which is the same as the S-150THX in a shallow cabinet)
MX70 sub
(2) V-125 subs
(3) M&K Stands - need to get a shorter post for these - they were from a studio and had 6 foot posts

The Bookshelf 75 were sold locally on Fathers day - glad someone will get some use out of them. I'd love to own a pair of S-1c but I haven't seen a set listed in well over 3 years.

The S-85 paired with a sub is an amazing mini M&K set up. Same drivers as the S-125./ S100b and S-150THX

Basically I'm a FAN of Miller & Kreisel for sure.
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