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Default Tube Trap Explanation

Originally Posted by Masterlu View Post
Here is a simple yet informative explanation.
Tube Traps do benefit dipole speakers as well. As a matter of fact, the first Tube Traps Art made were specifically requested to go behind some Magnepans at our local hifi dealer, Bradford's. That was before he had any idea he'd be selling them in large numbers some day.
There are a variety of things that TubeTraps can do. One is they damp the bass resonances in the room, quieting them down more quickly which results in improved clarity. This can be measured using our MATT test. A C50 test in REW may also show this improvement. This can be heard and measured with as few as four 13" x 3' TubeTraps in the front corners of the room.

Other possible benefits include high frequency diffusion and absorption of first reflection points to improve imaging, along with use of a center trap to adjust center image focus.
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