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Originally Posted by jdandy View Post
Mike.......Thanks. A bit of positive energy never hurts.

My research has turned up several people's f113's that have been successfully restored by replacing the 100uf/35volt/85C cap (red arrow) with a 100uf/35volt/105C cap. I may also replace the 33uf/400volt/85c cap (yellow arrow) with a 33uf/400volt/105C cap. I should have the two capacitors by Friday. I hope this solves my issue of the subwoofer not powering up. If not then the amp will get shipped to JL Audio for repair. I did find a fuse on the circuit board. It checked good. Shipping a 33 lb amp will be much easier and cheaper than shipping a 147 lb factory carton by freight.

Valuable information here. Will keep for future reference as I might need it! Thanks!!
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