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Originally Posted by Masterlu View Post
Terry... Good for you both! You sure have lots of love in your heart to share. I am already looking forward to see Ruff's arrival.
Well that makes at least two of us that want to see him.

I'm pretty sure Mikey will be sending me up dates with pictures once he is born and as the months go by.

You can count on you guys seeing things as they progress.

Originally Posted by The Lost Bears View Post
Congratulations! Ruff is one lucky kitty. If I am not mistaken, Maine Coon cats grow to be huge and one of the very few cat breeds that love water. I can't wait to see pictures.
Yes, Maine Coon Male cats do get very large compared to any normal house cat.

More than likely something in the range of 20 to 25 Lbs or so.

Your right they do like water and they can indeed swim if they want to.
Their coats are (Water-Proof) so water does not effect them.

They also will play in their water containers with their front paws.

Originally Posted by woodlander View Post
Congratulations. I had a Maine Coon for many years and he was great cat. It looks like your kitty is a very fortunate critter and is getting a very nice home. Hopefully your cat will develop a love for music.
Well as many of my friends have said if you get past tiger passing away.

And you do decide at some point to get another Maine Coon he will live the life of a King.

Oh, don't know what this new Maine Coon will do but tiger spent many-many hrs. right beside me on the love seat in the Home Theater.
He would even make a Loud Crying Sound at the door to the Home Theater for me to come let him up.

Here he is hanging out and I just happened to have my cell with me and quickly took a picture.

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