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Smile A new Maine Coon Kitten Family member (Ruff) is coming by year end ...

Happier Days are on the way,

below is the Thread I did not long ago when I had to have tiger put to sleep while holding him.
Link below,

As the Title says, we are pretty sure there will be a Maine Coon Kitten at our home by year-end.

Cathy & I have discussed this now for awhile and both of us have agreed to get another Maine Coon kitten.

As I told Cathy (Wife) I would love to do that but only if I can find an owner of a Maine Coon Cattery I trust.

And folks the ones of you that are still here know that I am definitely one that does not give up easily when doing research for something.

I have spent hours upon hours, days & weeks on the computer doing nothing but researching Maine Coon Catteries that border TN.

And I can tell you for a fact that there is a lot of difference in catteries.

I'm not going to post here any examples of some of them as IMO it would serve no useful purpose.

Let's just say that if any of you ever decide to get a puppy or kitten make sure you do yourself a major favor and do the research.

In my case I did find, finally, a Maine Coon Breeder in Dublin, Ohio.

The name is, Maine Delite Cattery and the owner is, Michelle (Mickey) Cole.

After reading everything she had on her INTERNET Site multiple times I finally told Cathy I'm ready to do it.

I did the PayPal reservation for a Maine Coon kitten and very soon after that I heard from Mickey in an e-Mail.

We have exchanged multiple e-Mails since and everything I have asked she has answered completely to my satisfaction.

Her Web Site is what I would call, Professional & Totally Awesome.

I'm not 100% positive but I think in September our new male Maine Coon kitten will be born.

If that turns out to be a fact and one of the litter Mickey feels like is an excellent fit for me then probably in the month of December Cathy & I will be bringing home a new (Family) member.

This might seem like it's a bit early to some of you but those that know me know I don't procrastinate.

I am so "Fired-Up" on getting a new Maine Coon kitten from Mickey that I think it would be like one would say an expectant parent.

I would like to share with you other Pet-Lovers why I chose Maine Delite Cattery and Mickey.

This is Mickey give or take a few yrs.

And below are a few examples of why I chose her and her Cattery.
(I think you all will agree with me)

Passion and respect for the Maine Coon, and all creatures is what we believe in.
We are a small Maine Coon Breeder located near Columbus, Ohio that

takes great pride in developing home raised Maine Coon Cats that are not

only bred with the intention of preserving the breed standard, but

developing valuable family treasures. Our Maine Coon breeding cats are

tested for FIV, FELV and for the MyBPC HCM. Testing methods include


DNA sampling through the Washington State & North Carolina State

University Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Lab Cardiac Ultrasound by

Ohio State University Vet Hospital by a Board Certified Cardiologist.

Screening for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) All breeding cats

are Negative for HCM - on going testing is conducted yearly.
Maine Delite is a small central Ohio established 2001 in partnership with
Marilyn Bannon of Maine Glory Cattery in Indiana. All of our Maine

Coon cats are home raised and valued family members. The Maine Coon

Cattery is closed to outside breeding and we are firmly dedicated to the
health and welfare of our Maine Coons. Providing exceptional pets for
those looking for lap buddies and/or show interests. We look for animal

enthusiasts that will appreciate these great Maine Coons, and work hard

at providing loving homes for a lifetime. I have dedicated my resources

in striving to produce the best examples of these extraordinary Maine

Coons. While working hardest to maintain the above standard qualities

we all love. My children and grand children have the same passion as I
do for the Maine Coon..... we have always grown up with pets and they
will forever be family members to us.

After working as a Vet Technician for over 15 years in Indiana, and
breeding/training dogs for over 30 years, I have a huge respect for these

beautiful cats and take being a breeder as a serious responsibility. As

should pet ownership of all kinds.
Well, it's Show-Time as always when I do something important.

I don't think I will need to type any explanations to explain the pictures.

Cathy & I are ready for our soon to be new Maine Coon Kitten (Ruff) to join our Home and him as a Family member.


Ruff, says, I hope you all enjoyed my pictures.

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