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I'm a fan here as well of the original M&K, and was glad to see Ken's return last year and it was right on time for me as my beloved MX150 THX sub was 14yrs old and still working fine with the drivers in pristine shape. Let me start by saying Ken's new subs are breathtaking and I used his trade in program for M&K owners and got the DXD12012 (or MX5000 MK3) in which he addressed the rep for M&K subs are great for music, upper bass punch and content down to 20hz , but they don't extend deep enough, Not anymore! the DXD12012 still retains the dual 12" pushpull design but uses (2) 400w class H clarity monoblocks with 2000w peak and extension down to 10hz. I believe as of last month he released the rest of the speaker line up as well and there is also a smaller sub the DXD808 that many say can replace an MX350! That should say enough about his new subs.
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