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Shindo cables are indeed pure silver. Always have been. Plenty of fakes are floating around... if the cable purchased was silver coated copper, it was not a Shindo cable.

A23 is copper. Not that it matters, its about the result, not the material.

Riesling is 100% correct as is Neil. Cellindo- we do not at all agree. Or maybe its better to say we agree to disagree.

Whatever makes you happy is cool with me. If someone wants to know how to use the products correctly i.e. as it was designed- speak with a dealer that knows these products and he can pass along the information from the creator of the equipment. If you choose to EQ it and you like that version of it, thats cool. At the end of the day its whatever makes you happy. Its just not better in an absolute sense, it is indeed a EQ of the original design- you're changing the electrical load as well as creating an electrical current by using a non Switchcraft connectors. And for sure the contacts can be destroyed easily. Switchcraft to Switchcraft, WBT to WBT, Cardas to Cardas etc. etc. Engineering 101- like materials for starters, not to mention connectors that fit each other. RCA's have no standard. Locking RCA's are possibly one of the dumbest and worst sounding audiophile inventions... although I guess I can say that about a lot of things:-)

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