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Originally Posted by NeilNZ
At the end of the day it doesn't matter what they are made from. Ken Shindo recommends his cables for his equipment as it is supposed to be a 'system'. Too many audiophiles do just as Vinyljh says, and that is to try and patch or bandaid their systems with other cables.
I have seen a few Shindo preamps with damaged RCA sockets due to guys using 'fancy' locking rca plugs or somesuch. Without fail all of these people have approached building up their systems in such haphazard ways that they lose sight of the goal.
Ultimately anyone can do what they want, but to realise the best out of any Shindo gear, follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, he does know best.
I do not agree Neil.
Shindo IC cables are advertised on Matt's web as made of pure silver. If this is not the case, this is again disinformation and the same story goes as with the tubes labeling....

A customer has the right to know what he buys. If a product is advertised as being pure silver, then it should be made of pure silver and not silver coated copper. Honesty is a word that exists also in Japan I think.
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