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Default Driver update

I understand that Audeze has updated its drivers. Have any of you sent your 'phones to them for the upgrade? If so, did it make an appreciable difference? This is what they claim:

Here's some information on some of the changes our 2016 driver revision has brought to the table:

-Reduced diaphragm thickness: Reduces driving mass for greater diaphragm response.
-Higher compliance: Lowers resonance for improved low frequency extension and bass definition.
-Optimized magnetic circuit: Creates more uniform magnetic flux distribution for a more uniform driving force, smooths frequency response, lowers distortion, with greater resolution and improved imaging.
-Improved diaphragm tensioning: A new system delivers better performance and improved consistency for less variation between units.
-Improved internal damping: Better, more controlled bass and a smoother overall frequency response.
-New voicing: Smooths the midrange response.

We currently offer a driver upgrade program which includes complete replacement of both drivers, and the charge for this is $500. This also renews the warranty on the drivers for three more years.
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