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Default Clean Power matters

Originally Posted by Puma Cat View Post
Congrats, Mike. Please let us know what you think of them when you get them.

FWIW, these power cords are specifically designed for digital devices e.g. routers, NAS, music servers (aka computers), network bridges and streamers, and their attendant power supplies. For exmaple, I have one powering my Keces P3 for my SOtM SMS-200 UltraNeo network bridge. I also use one for my HDTV, and it made a visible improvement in that application, as well. The tech in the Venom 14 Digital PCs was developed from technology that came out of Shunyata's sister company, Clear Image Scientific and it utilizes technology that was developed to improve S/N in medical digital imaging, etc.

For other components, e.g DACs, preamps, power amps, etc., I'd recommend the Venom NR-V12 or V-10 power cords, as these will pass more dynamic transient current than V14D.


Based on your informative video, I expect these cables will mitigate the noise going to my amps, but Iím really only using these as a test...initially anyhow.

If they mitigate the noise to the amps (as I expect them to), they will permanently be moved to my DAC and electronic crossover. The rational is if the Venom V14 Digital power cords prove themselves with the obvious line noise feeding my amps, they should do a wonderful job on the other components where there isnít an obvious problem. The 14AWG should provide plenty of power for both devices.

Then Iíll just have to figure out what to permanently use with my amps that need more current.

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