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Originally Posted by mtrot View Post
Thanks for your measurement and subjective observations because tripitz's observations had given me some pause about the F228Be. As tripitz said, it does go to show how much differently speakers can sound in different rooms. They did sound impressive at the audio shows where I heard them.
Marc, I've heard them in several different sized rooms and find them to be very room independent. I was stunned that they worked well in my small room, and my dealer says that the F228Be is the least susceptible to "room variations" of any speaker he has ever sold. As Kal pointed out in his Stereophile Review, the F228Be is very sensitive to what it is being fed by. The speaker is very revealing of changes in electronics, speaker wires and interconnects. So ... one needs to go into ownership of the F228Be understanding that it may ask you to make changes in one or all of the upstream components. The only things I've not found the need to change in my system since getting the F228Be are the speaker wires, the DAC, the digital cable, the TT, the cartridge. Everything else has been changed to gain "synergy" with these amazing speakers. But the effort has been well worth while as the F228Be is capable of both tremendous transparency and tremendous musicality and warmth. It is (to me) the best "value" on the market - capable of getting you very very close to the very best at a reasonable (by today's standards) price.
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