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Originally Posted by phunge View Post
I imagine would be a huge step up from my scalas
If that's the real question you're asking then absolutely. The Maestro Utopia is on a whole other level than the Scala, there is no comparison. As such I would expect the same from the Maestro Evo.

Originally Posted by phunge View Post
If I get these, it would likely be in black. I do agree the new tweeter cover is not as nice as the old -- I wonder if it is removable.
I'm sure it's removable as it has to be screwed on in some manner; the question is whether it's a good idea given that the tweeter is voiced with the cover on (unlike on Utopia, it's not an aesthetic cover to keep the wife happy). I would suggest asking to see if Focal will powder coat the outside of the tweeter cover in black rather than removing it.

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