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Originally Posted by ejr1953 View Post
I've enjoyed a pair of the Sopra No2s now for over two years, right after they became available in the U.S.
I compared them to the 1038/1028BE's before making the purchase and I'm glad I spent the extra amount on the Sopra's. I do agree, the Sopra's to me did sound a little "larger".
I've been driving my Sopra's with a McIntosh MC452 with a C2500 tube preamp, with all digital sources. After about 200 hours of break in, the speakers seemed to really improve, but one night, after owning them for about six months, I noticed that they seemed to really "settle in".
After years of trying new components, upgrading one at a time, I think I'm "done" for now, as I'm really happy with my system. In the past I'd enjoy an improvement, but after several months got the itch to upgrade, but not so with the Sopra's.
I heard a 2 demo yesterday on a 452/2600 sounded incredible. If the 2's are this good, I can't even imagine how the 3's sound! Wow!
I'm trying to figure out a way to swing $$$ a pair of 2's!
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