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MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
SUBJECT: Bryston UAE Surround System

February 2021

Hi Folks,

These are some pictures of a Bryston surround theater still in progress that our distributer in UAE sent me recently. This will be AMAZING!

Seven Seas
United Arab Emirates

When finished the system will consist of:

1 Bryston Model T Speaker
2 Bryston Middle T Speakers
1 Bryston TC-1 Center
2 Bryston A2 Speakers
1 Bryston Mini T Sub
1 Bryston T12 Sub
2 Bryston 28B Cubed Amps
1 7B Bryston Cubed Amp
1 21B Bryston Cubed Amp
1 4B Bryston Cubed Amp
1 Bryston SP4 Surround Processor
1 Bryston BDA 3.14 Digital Player
1 BDP3 Digital Player
1 Bryston BIT Power Conditioner
1 Bryston BCD3 CD Player
1 pair Bryston XL Outriggers
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