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Originally Posted by cleeds View Post
I also use Rigelian and agree that Manic Moose could be improved, but at least the Bryston is rock stable. That's why I bought the BDP-3 and dumped my Aurender after less than a year with it. I grew weary of Aurender's rocky software updates, instability, indifferent support (I'm being kind) and inflexible closed system.

I really prefer to not have a computer in my music room. Of course, any streamer is indeed a computer. But the Bryston offers more of a conventional audio component look and feel - and its stability is a big part of that. So I can easily accept that Bryston's interface isn't as elegant as some of the competition.
I hear you, and totally agree. I really like the hallmark stability and support of Bryston and its products. And to me, I really like their "non-snobbish" and down to earth attitude and dedication to their customers. James being here on this board is a shining example of this which I do appreciate. I personally met him at the Montreal Audio Show and it was a real pleasure.

I feel the same about Manic Moose; While I like the versatility of third party apps, it's good to know that Bryston are working hard on a new interface (whatever the name is). I really did appreciate as a customer that Bryston asked our opinions on this board what we would like to see in an upcoming software update. Very few companies are dedicated as this. Another point for Bryston support, when I started using my BDP-2 two years ago I had some initial issues, and Chris at Bryston fixed the problems remotely. Another point, the BDP-1 is still fully supported; some companies would just dump support for being "too old".

Did I say this sounds good too?

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