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Originally Posted by Parabellum View Post
... Rigelian just makes it even sweeter ... It operates the same as Manic Moose except with a neat interface. Nothing wrong with Manic Moose as it is extremely stable (never crashed once, and this is why I went with a complete Bryston solution instead of a regular PC) but in my opinion it's interface belongs in the Windows 95 era when compared to Aurender, Auralic, Spotify, Tidal, etc. I agree that Bryston should come up with a prettier interface because we are relying on third party apps for their products to fill that gap.
I also use Rigelian and agree that Manic Moose could be improved, but at least the Bryston is rock stable. That's why I bought the BDP-3 and dumped my Aurender after less than a year with it. I grew weary of Aurender's rocky software updates, instability, indifferent support (I'm being kind) and inflexible closed system.

I really prefer to not have a computer in my music room. Of course, any streamer is indeed a computer. But the Bryston offers more of a conventional audio component look and feel - and its stability is a big part of that. So I can easily accept that Bryston's interface isn't as elegant as some of the competition.
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