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Originally Posted by GuillaumeB View Post
Yes Iíve had one in my system for a few months now... fabulous streaming DAC!

Couldnít be happier, sound quality is up there with the best and the convenience of having the streamer/renderer in the same box seems to come with very few penalties. Not Roon Ready yet but this is imminent I understand. Supports just about every format you can throw at it: MQA, DXD, 8 x DSD, and lots of upsampling/filter options.

Looking forward to extracting even more performance when I get round to upgrading my master clock and inserting that new Sigma v2 Clock 50 cables into my system!


I have been curious out this network player, it really does seem to be a complete unit. When you look at a the cost of a streamer/dac/cables, this is just awesome. Nice to see some real world feedback.

The addition of the FPGA DAC is a big deal since it is upgradeable now, and will give the equipment more longevity. This was a good move by Esoteric. Please keep us posted, would like to hear more about it.
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