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Originally Posted by thyname View Post
Thanks for chiming in! How does it compare with other DACs you have, or have had?

As for Roon Ready, the website advertises it as such, but it is not? Also, on Roon partners website, they list N-01 as Roon Ready, but you are saying N-01XD is not?
N-01XD is a completely new streaming DAC and as such is currently undergoing Roon certification. I have been assured by the European distributor that this is coming very soon! Once I have more news on this front I will be sure to report back.

Re other DACs I am also the proud owner of the TotalDac D1-seven and matching D1-server. This is a 5 box solution (incl. 3 PSUs). In my mind I have massively simplified my setup and am getting even better sound!

Inserting the new Shunyata Sigma v2 clock cables has been nothing short of a revelation. I am now planning my next move in terms of upgrading master clocks (currently using the Cybershaft OP14).

The N-01 XD is a monster of a performer and I couldn't be happier.

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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