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Originally Posted by GuillaumeB View Post
Yes Iíve had one in my system for a few months now... fabulous streaming DAC!

Couldnít be happier, sound quality is up there with the best and the convenience of having the streamer/renderer in the same box seems to come with very few penalties. Not Roon Ready yet but this is imminent I understand. Supports just about every format you can throw at it: MQA, DXD, 8 x DSD, and lots of upsampling/filter options.

Looking forward to extracting even more performance when I get round to upgrading my master clock and inserting that new Sigma v2 Clock 50 cables into my system!


Thanks for chiming in! How does it compare with other DACs you have, or have had?

As for Roon Ready, the website advertises it as such, but it is not? Also, on Roon partners website, they list N-01 as Roon Ready, but you are saying N-01XD is not?
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