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Default Delta XC + Hydra Delta D6 = Oh my!

I was able to get the new cables into the system today.

After a bit of a listen to my system powered by Viper ETrons, I can tell you that putting the Delta XC on my Denali V1 was immediately noticeable in the best possible ways.

After a second brief listen, I also swapped out another ETron to my MC8207 with a Venom 10NR. Another big jump in performance. Mostly, this change made the background more inky black than it already was.

In sum, Iíve experienced faster transients and much more detail in the highs and mids. The bass is faster and more dimensional. Without exception, there is more realism to the instruments and voices. Just more engaging overall.

Iím playing Tidal through a C 2600 and canít wait to spin some vinyl tomorrow as my system is more geared toward that medium...if my digital makes me smile, vinyl makes me cry tears of joy in comparison :-)

While these cables have been through a pre-burn, Iím sure theyíll settle in nicely after another 50 hours or so.

Thanks again for the insight, folks!

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Sonus Faber Olympica III and Olympica Center - REL S5(2) and T5i (center channel)- KEF 160QL-160QR-130QR (surround/atmos)
Shunyata Denali 6000s V1 - Shunyata Delta XC, Venom NR-V10's and Viper E-Tron
Shunyata Cobra (LCR), Venom (Surround) and Audioquest Cinnamon (Atmos) Interconnects
Audio quest Oak Speaker cables (LCR)
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Living Room

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Master Suite and Garage

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