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Delta XC and an additional Venom NR V10 on the way! Thanks for all of the feedback, folks!
Main Room

McIntosh C-2600 - McIntosh -Mc8207 - Marantz AV 8802 -Marantz 7055 (atmos amp)
ProJect Xtension 10 w/Koetsu Rosewood
Mac Mini/Audirvana - Drobo 5D - Sonos Connect
Sonus Faber Olympica III and Olympica Center - REL S5(2) and T5i (center channel)- KEF 160QL-160QR-130QR (surround/atmos)
Shunyata Denali 6000s V1 - Shunyata Delta XC, Venom NR-V10's and Viper E-Tron
Shunyata Cobra (LCR), Venom (Surround) and Audioquest Cinnamon (Atmos) Interconnects
Audio quest Oak Speaker cables (LCR)
Sony VPLVW350ES - Sony UBP X800 - Dragonfly 120" Screen

Living Room

KEF LS 50 w/REL T5i (Arrow Wireless) - Marantz NR 1506 - Sonos Connect

Master Suite and Garage

Sonos AMP and KEf 160 QR
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