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Originally Posted by JSCC View Post
Received the HD621 for close to a month. Out of box, it looked quite ordinary although the build is good (not as great as those with solid aluminum panels and box). But quite pretty I may add.

At the rear, there's 6 HDMI Inputs with one SL Output. Seriously, the only thing I know was this is going to be the first gear that will pave the way for a Meridian TriField setup, where in future, it may blossom to either a 5.1 or 7.1 full Meridian HT Surround System. This of course, will depend on the depth of my pocket as well as having the space to accommodate the extra speakers (which honestly, I don't have). Its TriField I am thinking of today. A dream I hope to make happen.

When I re-model my cabinet, the HD621 is now sitting on top of the 800v4 Ref DVD (DAX Version). Of course, I hooked up every gear that had an HDMI Output to it (Oppo BDP83se NuForce Edition, TV SetUp box, Meridian 800v4, Apple TV - 2nd Edition).

Local Meridian dealer came over to finalized the setup and told me the hook up sequence would be "1" Oppo, "2" TV SetUp Box and "3" Apple TV would be the first 3 inputs on the HD621 HDMI Audio Processor and by default, the Meridian 800v4 DVD would be Input "6". Agreed, set up and happily, local dealer goes about "programming" the gears to sync and do whatever using his laptop and the accompanying Meridian software in it.

So, what does the HD621 do? Well, in short, for all I know, it separates the "video" from the "audio" from the HDMI inputs. Well, so what's so great about this and why the need?

The telling piece of truth is when iTunes is being played thru the Apple TV (via the HD621). What used to be "harsh highs and thin midrange" now takes on an added meaty role. Its that much more, no make it way much more, listenable. The PRAT is all there while in the past, I was wondering if there's any use of me ripping music into iTunes (except for burning selections from the library for my car use). Movies (iTunes or the Oppo and 800v4) all sounded way better than before. In the past, I was wondering if HDMI is so much better than RCA or Balance input? The answer is, this relatively affordable black box is working its magic by splitting the music from the video and then using the 808.3 DAC to produce a superb rendition of wheat music should have been. The video, so clear and crisp!

No, its not the best but for sure, this is the FIRST time I am enjoying music and movies that much better than before. And all from this little box that costs just US$3k ... which to me confirmed that I WILL go for TriField and later on, to a full 5.1 system. To me, Meridian had done it right.

I have lived with many STEREO systems and have rout the Apple TV thru them and not once, did I really liked it that much except for the moments I leave it as background music. This is the FIRST time I really can feel the performance difference on every single piece of gears I have in this Meridian setup that has a HDMI output. Its like I have new gears now!

Seriously, Meridian is not the cheapest gears around, but to me, it produces what it proclaims to do and worth every cent of it! Music I can enjoy, movies I can savor with the sense of "being there". And I am talking about just a single piece of gear that does nothing more than separating the music from the video. I just can't imagine what a full blown 5.1 (or the luxurious 7.1) can do when partner with the 861v6 processor and centre DSP7.2kHC!

861v6 & DSP7.2k, here I come and get you ..... The only thing that kept me away was the asking price. If only the local dealer will budge and make things easier for me to have them - a lower price for them

I know this piece of gear is not for everyone but for a Meridian system lover like myself, this is one serious discovery beyond what I know in Stereo enjoyment. I am really enjoying my system more than ever before, and mind you, its just STEREO. TriField? I must really experience it one day I am so happy, I pen this down to share the experience.

Ok, back to the word - cost - its all relative to one's willingness to pay and to me, Meridian though not cheap, is reasonable for the joy it had given me. Of course, the added creme-de-la-dreame would be a good discount! Oh yes, I am negotiating ...... still.


Considering an 800 myself and was wondering could you kindly confirm if your reports above of great sound on CDs and movies via HD621, are ALL via the HD621? This confuses me as I thought the HDMI out of the 800 was only limited to 2 channels (I could be wrong..?) Ie:

Are you decoding to PCM in the 800 via HDMI and hearing 5.1 movies through the HD621?

Also, how would you describe Redbook cd from the 800 via HD621, versus the Smartlink 3xSPDIF connection ?

Thank you for your helpful thoughts!

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