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Originally Posted by GW1800 View Post
Just an update on the W20SE.

I had an issue with a popping sound with DSD to PCM between tracks and just want to complement Aurender's continued support to get this fixed. It took a bit but they got the job done. Could of very easily threw their hands up at some point yet they did not. I know of few companies that work so hard to support their customers as Aurender does. I know issues are bothersome but they do care and will eventually get a fix if you have some patience and work with them beyond complaining and nasty comments.

You got to realize that its essentially a computer with many DAC's that it interacts with of various internal workings and designs. I can't but feel for them the immense complexity to make it all work. Its a testament to a great company and their people that they just get the job done. Well done Aurender!!
I'm getting the same "pop" between tracks now with the N10. Do you remember what Aurender did to fix this problem?

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