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Originally Posted by docmd2010 View Post
I forgot that you had added a pair of Q subs. How have you found the addition? I believe you had REL subs before? I'm interested in hearing your opinion as I have a pair of 25's in my system that integrate well but I know the Q subs are very impressive. What do you have the crossover set at?
Thanks! I did have Rels. The QSUBS are a significant upgrade. The integration with my M3's was performed long distance from Israel. The dealer set up his PC with the control software. The engineer "desktopped" in and we played test files while he set up the variables. The sound is marvelous. Organ music with bass is rich and organic. My only wish is for Magico develop a remote so you don't need to use a PC to make tweaks. Even the volume requires a networked PC to change. Minor inconvenience to get a magical listening experience. Can't wait to see with the MSB mono's do to the set up.

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