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Well, this ARC feature is a 'category mistake'. I made good living designing networking equipments (wifi, switches, routers). I think i understand what they do.

Unfortunately, the solution as designed requires interactions with the home routers and setup correctly one of two protocols. There are several serious problems with that:
- will not work on most routers provided by the fiber or cable company.
- All routers are different - this is a support nightmare.
- Many standalone routers will not support those features. I just moved from US to Canada to a new house, ditched my fancy enterprise gear and bought latest and greatest expensive Netgear Orbi 11ax router and mesh satellites (RBK852), a 1k+ USD affair. it does not support either UPnP or NAT-PMP. I have zero way to make this work with this gear.

There is only one way to make stuff like this work seamlessly. You need to make the roon core initiate a connection to the cloud, preferably with WebSocket or HTTP2, and make ARC app connect to the cloud. This business of exposing the Roon Core 'securely' from home networks is, well a category mistake. NAS companies like Synology have known that for a long time, quickconnect works like that, ie the NAS box connects to a server on the internet.

I love Roon, it's how i consume all my music, but man oh man do that have blind spots. They can't figure out the most basic fuzzy search technology. Search for 'the dooes', an easy typo, will still not find 'the doors'. come' on, it takes 5 minutes to make this work properly on any Lucene based text serch engine (like ElasticSearch, Solr, etc). This Roon ARC thing tops off all bad decisions, is a predictable nightmare, this feature will go down in flames, cant be saved.
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