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I recently ordered a Denali and a couple Alpha PC from Ivan. (Thanks Ivan) While waiting for the order to come in I thought I would investigate the advice being offered about where to plug your amps in. After reading most of this thread all I got to say is WOW is my head spinning. There sure is a lot of scenarios and situations to consider.

My personnel situation? I will be running an Alpha XC from the wall to the Denali V2 and Alpha NR's to the sources. For now I will plug the 601's into the Denali using Venoms that I currently have. I like Puma's explanation about the QR/BB device in the Denali and I hope it plays out that way. After some time I'm sure I will start to wonder what if..... and plug the amps back into the wall. I'll be curious to find out what I hear.

For starters, I'll just be happy "IF" I hear a difference by plugging the Denali in. I'll be disappointed if I don't.

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